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We will often in our lives create this seemingly perfect plan and  knowing who you are as a child of the Most High, of the Creator of the Universe, having a general outline for your life, understanding your gifts, talents, what you love to do most and all that, putting that into practice is not a bad thing.  I wish I had had this all sorted out a lot sooner.  I wish I had gotten into the music and found this great production team a lot soon through fiverr, but I didn’t and honestly I did a lot of self sabotaging in different areas of my life.  Then I didn’t realize I was doing it, or really why, all the unresolved baggage I had from my childhood, and that’s another blog post and poem.  I do believe in what Paul says in Scripture about powers and principalities of darkness, negative entity and even if you study metaphysics, there are positive and negative energy forces in the universe and even within our own psyche. God when he realizes that we are not at a mature stage to handle certain things, as much as we might want them career wise or in different areas of life, will allow sabotage, dalay and that kind of thing, not cause it, but allow it.  He will allow the journey of self discovery to realize, wow I do have a bunch of baggage I am running from and stuff I am not taking responsibility for, time to stop that and stop that now, deal with it all, painful as it might be, only then can I truly move forward to know who I truly am as a child of the Most High and with all my gifts, talents, put them to use, go on the path I am meant to go on.  It can be a long and arduous journey, won’t kid you, but when you get to that point of that realization of, wow etc.. and deal with any inner conflict etc… and in a way that is really mature and to the greater good, it makes all the difference to your life and even society.  One thing that is important is getting out of victim mode and never letting anyone keep you there or try to put you there.  Not saying bad stuff doesn’t happen and not to deal with the emotions etc…, but don’t let anyone make you a life long victim or to see the world as a scary horrible place eternally.  Life, the world, everything has like the rose, both the rose and the thorns.  Realistically see both, know how to navigate the thorns as you appreciate the beauty of the rose.  Know that there is a time to use your gifts etc… and a time to nurture them, it’s important to discern when each time is.