When I was recently reading how God told Abraham to separate from the world he was in, it stuck with me.  In life there are decisions to be made if we align with the light and the holy or the dark and unholy.  We see many these days aligning with the dark and unholy.  Physically The Creator wanted to make sure he would not have his path impeded through the old, old patterns, habits, and associations that took him away from the holy into the unholy.  

The ego had to be put aside, ties to the material as security, and look to the holy, sacred, wise path to have new patterns of thought and behavior.  If we go beyond the literal, we can understand that one has to detach from reliance on the material as the source of all security, and identity.  The source of security, identity needs to be in who we are as spiritual beings.  Not to say you don’t appreciate your culture, your family etc.., are a vagabond in life, no. Abram acted in faith, following obediently his spiritual inspiration.  He is a type of faith that may be studied profitably as a way to go beyond the Ego. Was he perfect, no, none of us is.  For me as a Christian, believing in the scriptures as divine word and guide, I understand my perfection comes through acknowledging Yeshua as The Christ, having a personal relationship in my heart, spirit, soul with Him.  For that and even the Spirit of the holy, divine to work within me, move within me, I have to be able to let go, follow that sacred inspiration.  Some might ask how I know it is from the Creator, the Holy, the Holy Spirit of Creator, well it never prompts me to cause harm, to seek vengeance or hate anyone.  I might not like an ideology etc.., feel it is not right for society, our nation, and I can loathe the ideology, not the people.  What are the blessings promised?  Once the Ego is not ruling, creativity can flourish, and that is a huge blessing, healing can happen, resentment etc.. can be let go of.  One has to leave the past behind, sometimes dreams that do not serve one’s greater good, as well as relationships that are toxic, and cause harm, lead one to destructive behavior.  Yes, one may get the “I told you” remarks, so what. One came out of captivity, came out of dark and unholy to light, holy, constructive etc..That is the blessing, the gift to be thankful for.

When this faith is concentrated upon the one God, a thought pattern is put down as foundation and one intuitively knows  communication, connection with the ever-living Source of all things, another great gift when Ego is set aside, not ruling. Then there is the Canna instruction by the Creator, why Canna?  Canna was in the lower valley, so in going to that valley, Abram had to humble himself before the Creator and cooperate with the Source of all Creation Elohim. Letting go, humility, focus on the One God, One Source of creation, of all things are keys to spiritual awakening, shifting the perspective on things etc…May we  all come out of the dark to the light, and may we understand that Canna, the low points need not be the enemy, but the path to greater union with the Creator of all things.  Let us be like Abram, though not perfect a seeker of the One God, embracing the One God and seeking to put Ego under his control not the other way around.